Silver Saver


Opening a SilverSaver® account takes just 10 minutes. There is no paperwork to send, and as soon as your account is verified, you can schedule purchases to begin immediately. Learn more about how it works here.


From state-of-the-art online security measures to secure and insured storage, SilverSaver® has adopted industry “best practices” to ensure your bullion and your personal information-are fully secure.Learn more about our robust security policies here.

Competitive Prices

Many metals dealers charge exorbitant premiums for their gold and silver bullion, especially for modest-sized purchases. SilverSaver® was designed to be competitive at all levels of purchases. Whether you choose to save $50 per month or make a purchase of over $100,000, you can be confident that your “real” premiums are among the lowest available.

No Transaction Fees For US Bank Accounts

With SilverSaver®, there are no transaction fees associated with your online purchases. We do not charge wire fees, which can subtract up to 3% from your purchase. If you decide to sell your bullion back to us, we purchase it at the next SilverSaver® base price, and fund your bank account for the full amount. Our goal is to help you maximize the ounces you save.

Super-Low Transaction Fees for Canadian Bank Accounts

For Canadian bank accounts, the SilverSaver® transaction fee is only $1.75USD. We do not charge wire fees, which can subtract up to 3% from your purchase. If you decide to sell your bullion back to us, we purchase it at the next SilverSaver® base price, apply the transaction fee then send funds to your bank account.

A “Set-It-And-Forget It” Savings Plan

Making a commitment to save a specified amount on a regular basis is one thing-doing it is another. SilverSaver® automatic scheduling gives you a mechanism to maintain discipline in your savings program. Simply set your schedule and get back to your life, secure in the knowledge you’re employing one of the most time-honored methods to accumulate assets.

Dollar-Cost Averaging Benefits

By investing a consistent amount in silver and gold on a regular basis, when prices are high, you buy fewer ounces. When they are low, you buy more ounces. It’s a great way to ensure that over time, you accumulate the most bullion at the lowest cost.


SilverSaver® gives our customers unprecedented flexibility in saving precious metals, allowing you to:

  • Automatically purchase silver, gold or both, in amounts that you define.
  • Have your metal securely stored for you as long as you like by one of the most prestigious non-bank depositories in the country
  • Securely and discretely take delivery of your metal in the form you choose.


SilverSaver® rewards you with physical silver or gold bullion whenever someone you refer becomes a saver. You then become a partner with us in the cause of helping people protect their saving’s purchasing power as the U.S. dollar continues to be devalued.


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